Trusted Drone Operator

Handling Cutting-Edge Commercial Drones

Dragonfly View Drone Service safely and professionally provides precision agriculture mapping services. Our main focus is collecting and providing multispectral data maps. The multispectral data collected is used by farmers, crop consultants and agronomists to produce more accurate field zone prescriptions with greater efficiency. The primary deliverables are Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) maps, but we also can provide elevation and plant population maps as well as aerial inspection and photogrammetry maps.
Using professional UAV (drone) services; a reduction in the time that inspection personnel need to spend on visiting the field and processing the results is realized. When a mapping mission’s flight has been well planned, a commercial drone can collect imagery or multispectral data that covers a field in a fraction of the time that it takes for manual inspection. Once the data is collected and uploaded, results are produced within hours compared to lab results which can take days or weeks.
With all data and imagery collected during inspection flights, the point cloud created is geo-referenced with real-world geographic coordinates, the end result is maps and imagery that will be able to help identify areas of deterioration–before anyone needs to climb any ladder or scaffolding, undertake rope access procedures, walk on the roof, or access a muddy field.
Jesse Wittnebel